Our Staff

James A. Dewey, PHM, Executive Director            Ext. 405  
Kristy Dennis,
Deputy Director                             Ext. 421   


Management Office Staff:

Suzanne Ward, Program Financial Manager, Ext. 430
Edna Bernard
, Program Operations Manager, Ext. 414
Anne Landschoot
, Program Assistant Specialist, Ext. 416
Peter Eppley
, Modernization Coordinator, Ext. 422
Robin Thiele
, Section 8 Housing Specialist, Ext. 432
Kelly Fetterly
, Section 8 Housing Specialist, Ext. 409
Dee Zimmer
, Property Manager (Desmond and Gratiot Villages), Ext. 403
Pam Bunnell, Property Manager
Elizabeth Nelson
, Property Manager  (Dulhut Village), Ext. 413
Vonda Willey, Elderly/Disabled Service Coordinator (Resident Assistance and Referrals), Ext. 437

Myna Reynolds, Program Eligibility Specialist, Ext. 434

Nicole Gourlay
, Property Manager (Peru and Huron Villages), Ext. 408
Jill Trzemzalski
, Accounting and Human Resource Assistant, Ext. 415
Priscilla Kotyk
, Front Desk Clerk, Ext. 400
Bob Schmid, Housing Inspector, Ext. 436
Open Position, Accounts Payable Clerk, Ext. 435

Ross Grant / Computer Lab Staff:      Ph: 810-987-2842

Sue White, ROSS Grant Coordinator
Areiky Moore, Service Coordinator


Maintenance Staff:

Brian Yennor, Building Maintenance Man (DesmondVillage)
Jason Gurnsey
, Building Maintenance Man (Huron Village)
Tim McIntyre, Jr.
, Building Maintenance Man (Peru Village)
Ron Gurnsey, Building Maintenance Man (Dulhut Village)
John Buchko
, Building Maintenance Man (Gratiot Village)
James Zuehlke, Housing Custodian (Desmond Village)
Katie Dulemba, Maintenance Clerk
Matt Smith
, Building Maintenance Helper  (Dulhut Village)
Mike Thomas, Building Maintenance Helper (Gratiot & Huron Village)
Jose Lopez,
Housing Custodian (Peru Village)