Resident Services

The Eleger G. Harvey Reinvestment Center - Meeting and Banquet Hall

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The Reinvestment Center (The RIC) is a family oriented, accessible, affordable, clean, community-based facility located at 3013 24th Street between Nern and Manuel Streets, on the south side of Port Huron.  It is the best kept secret in town and is available to anyone!

A spacious, multi-purpose room of approximately 50' x 38' is available for occasions of most any kind!  Seating capacity is 120 with tables and 160 with chairs only.  Air conditioning, a warming kitchen, a podium, an ample supply of tables and chairs, and other amenities are included.  Plenty of on-site parking close to the building.  Reservations can be made for any day of the week, anytime of the year.

The RIC is available to EVERYONE in the community to rent.  It can be rented for 8 hours at a time for a total of $125.00, plus a $50.00 deposit that is refunded if the facility is left clean and in order.  Additional time can be requested for an extra $15.00 per hour. 

Call us today to schedule your next event at 810.984.3173

Community Buildings/Rooms Available for Resident Use

Each Village contains either a Community Building or Community Room which residents can use free of charge for all types of events such as showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, you name it!  Each space is warm and inviting and provides an ample supply of tables and chairs, warming kitchens, air conditioning, etc.  Reservations are required.  Inquire at 810.984.3173.

Richard S. Pack Computer Lab and Computer Usage

A Computer Lab is located in Dulhut Village which provides free usage of computers with internet access, scanners, printers, copier and faxing machine to all residents. There are over 12 stations available!  Lock outs are enabled to prevent users from accessing undesirable internet sites.  Please click on this link for more detailed information.

There are computers located in the community space at each senior village which provides free usage of computers and internet access to all residents.  Feel free to sit and browse the internet, get up to date on current events, check your email, etc.

Ross Grant

The Port Huron Housing Commission has received a three-year Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Grant that will help our residents learn to become self-sufficient in many ways, including education, job searching and awareness, college preparedness, parenting skills and money management. The program will be run out of our Dulhut Community Building by our ROSS Service Coordinator Sue White and Sherry Young.  Stop by and ask Sue or Sherry how they can help you!

Vending Café

There is a Vending Café space at each senior village which provides all residents access to vending machines containing food and beverages.  Make your purchase, then sit and relax and enjoy the company of others! 

Laundry Facilities

There are several laundry facility spaces located throughout each senior village.  Please feel free to browse and find the one nearest you.  Our machines are up to date energy efficient models at low per load prices!

Maintenance Department

Our maintenance department is charged with the total up keep of all of our apartments, buildings, and grounds.  They recondition all vacant apartments, perform yearly preventive maintenance, snow removal, grounds keeping, etc.  We also provide 24-hour emergency service.  The 24-Hour Emergency number and regular maintenance number is 810.984.6410.

Modernization Program

The Commission participates in the HUD Modernization Capital Fund Program with grant funding on a yearly basis to modernize and update our buildings.  A 5-Year Action Plan, which prioritizes work needed on yearly basis, is followed to assure our buildings and apartments remain viable.  Examples of recent accomplishments are: roofing, siding, new kitchens, doors, windows, bath, playground equipment, appliances, parking lots, lighting, etc.  For more information on bids or planned work, please contact 810.984.3173 Ext. 422 or click on the Bidding link above.