Public Housing Program

The Port Huron Housing Commission owns and operates over 400 apartments under a Public Housing program regulated by HUD.  These apartments are all located in the City of Port Huron and are distributed among five Villages.  Three Villages are designated as family living and two Villages are designated as senior living.  Rent is computed on each household’s gross income less eligible deductions.

To be Eligible for This Program:

Family Housing:

Currently the waiting list for the family public housing program is: OPEN

Most Family Villages Offer:Huron Playground

Where Our Villages Are Located:Dulhut Porch

Dulhut Village-Newly Renovated Family Housing (Opened Sept. 1970)

Gratiot Village-Family Housing (Opened May 1967)

Huron Village-Family Housing (Opened Jan. 1967)Huron Sign

Senior Housing:

Currently the waiting list for the senior public housing program is: OPEN

All Senior Villages Offer:

To be eligible for the senior designation, you must be at least 50 years of age.  Preference is given to those 62 years of age and older.

Where Our Senior Villages Are Located:

DesmoDesmond Balconynd Village-Newly Renovated Senior Housing (Opened Oct. 1968)

Peru Village-Newly Renovated Senior Housing (Opened April 1968)